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Integrated Facilities Management (IFM) provides Clients a Cost-Effective, Streamlined and Simplified solution for their property management and maintenance needs.

We are a single-source IFM provider. The primary advantage is centralised tasking and responsibility. We relieve our Clients from management risk and maintenance headache.

At Al Shirawi FM, we pride ourselves on our ability to introduce international FM standards of Best Practice and innovation in order to deliver a premium quality service.

A passion for Client satisfaction and a strong technical pedigree and versatility in terms of service delivery ensures a long-lasting and consistently high degree of value-added service. Al Shirawi FM offers an integrated package based on five core components:

The key to innovative FM delivery is our ability to identify duplicated costs and resources within a classic, hierarchical structure of sub-contracted property services and instead deliver a multi-skilling, modern, integrated service, at an overall lesser cost whilst improving service standards.

To fulfill such standards, we employ various levels of supervisory staff and managers who are thoroughly trained, experienced and qualified. This management team includes Accounts, Human Resources, Quality Assurance, Health Safety & Environment, Procurement, Administration, Operations Team, Regional Specialists and Static Site Staff.

Where Al Shirawi FM does outsource various specialist services, the same dedicated team determines the best price and quality of contract on behalf of the Client. Method Statements, Work schedules, PPE criteria and Safety Permit-To-Work orders are all part of our ISO 9001-based methodology. Overall, the aim is manage the entire facility, on behalf of the Client, not just to co-ordinate contract services.



Asset Management: Our Oracle-based Asset Management and Barcode Systems ascertain building life cycle costs, track and protect loose equipment and fittings, help with the calculations of operating budgets and identify substantial savings opportunities.

Activity Management: Al Shirawi offers a host of building maintenance services. Core services ranging from Account Management, MEP, General and Specialised Cleaning to Security Guarding are provided in-house. Al Shirawi FM’s round-the-clock 24 hour Call Centre ensures every reactive service request is logged, instantly dispatched to either on-site technicians or mobile vehicles (identified via a GPS tracking system) and work order closed only when Client endorses satisfactory work completion via state-of-the-art portable handhelds.

Hard FM

Soft FM


A/C Maintenance
Electrical Maintenance
Plumbing Maintenance
Infrastructure Maintenance
Building Fabric Maintenance
Civil Works
Swimming Pool Maintenance
CCTV (Security Systems)
Car Parking Systems
Cradle Maintenance
Access Control
BMS Operations
Automatic Doors
Central Battery Unit
Gate Barriers
Fire & Safety
Diesel Generator
Central Gas System
Gym Equipment
Energy Management
Asset Management (Bar Coding)

Façade Cleaning
General Cleaning
Deep Cleaning
A/C Duct Cleaning
Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning
Grease Trap Cleaning
Water Tank Cleaning
Mould Cleaning
Legionella Testing
Leisure Floor Attendant
Security Guarding
Water Features (Fountains)
Pest Control
Waste Management
Stores Management

Utilising our workforce to its full potential, without causing detriment to the level of overall standards required the application of a carefully structured approach. We have perfected this by using a combination of work-study processes and tools with a clear understanding of our service delivery work flows. By understanding the time it takes for a single operative to perform core duties, we were able to match that individuals capabilities with other tasks, which could be performed within the remaining time. We therefore deploy a highly trained multi-skilled workforce, which maximises productivity and yields significant savings for our Clients.

Our commitment to Training is that “The right training” be given to “the right person” at “the right time”. We are committed to the development of staff at all levels within the organisation. We recognise that training is not an isolated event but rather a process of development lasting the length of each employee’s service within the company.

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